Careers Advice


Reliable labour market information can help to inform careers decisions. Useful websites include the institute for employment and research and, specifically for London, Careers Inspiration. All of our students and parents also have access to Unifrog which is the online system we use to support student progression.

Career Choice

Below you will find some useful links covering an extensive range of Job Profiles and Job Sectors:

Please be aware that these links are just a starting point in your employment journey. Unifrog covers a great deal of this information in one place.

To find you local Job Centre please use the following link:

Free resources from Live Career

The number of applicants for each role is increasing. Competition is fierce. The only way you have of standing out from that massive pile of applications on the recruiter’s desk is to craft a perfectly written CV. Live Career can help you do just that.

This collection of CV tips and advice covers everything you need to get the edge in a competitive job market. You’ll get easy to action CV writing tips, advice on layout and CV formatting tips. In short, everything you need for job-seeking success.

  • Powerful CV Tips & Advice - A career expert curated collection of the most relevant and pragmatic tips, to help students maximize their CVs' potential.
  • Top Skills to Include on Your CV - One of our most popular guides and for a good reason. The guide lists the most in-demand capabilities employers seek in candidates today, and explains how to overhaul this key section of the CV.
  • How to Craft an Outstanding Cover Letter - An in-depth, step-by-step analysis helping the applicant craft a stellar cover letter that will help them stand out from other candidates.

Progression Routes

Below you will find a range of links to support a variety of progression routes for all students:

We do hope that these links are useful, however if you do feel that there is something additional that would provide improved or different information, please contact the school to let us know.