Curriculum: Key Stage 3

KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 7 PSHCE
Term 1Community and Diversity   
Students will start by considering what makes up their own identity, and how this is affected by the different communities they belong to.In this unit students will discuss the change in moving into their secondary school. Students will look worries, friendships, support and the types of things that they can do to settle in to secondary School life.
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Term 2Careers and Finance
Students will be encouraged to think about their hopes and dreams for the future and will be taught to understand qualities, behavior and characteristics that promote positive outcomes. Budgeting and personal finance will also be touched upon.
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Term 3Personal Values
Students will be encouraged to understand the importance of understanding their own personal values and beliefs. Lessons will discuss peer pressure, advertising and social media and how these elements should not dictate a persons behavior, thoughts or feelings.
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Term 4 Wellbeing in Lockdown   
In this term, students will be tackling a range of topics focused on common topics students will be faced with during lockdown. Students will be taught coping strategies to better support their health and wellbeing in lockdown.
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Term 5Relationship and Sex Education
Students will consider aspects of identity, including from a Christian perspective. They will consider issues of gender. Students will develop an understanding of how puberty can change personal hygiene needs, and learn about the different products and methods that can help maintain good personal hygiene. They will develop an appreciation that feelings and emotions can change during puberty, and how to deal with this change. They will also learn about the changes that take place to the body during puberty.
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Term 6Human rights
This term students will explore Rights and Discrimination to help students to better understand the world around them. It encourages students to incorporate human rights values into their daily lives, attitudes and behaviours. Discussing differences helps them develop an appreciation and respect for diversity and an ability to recognise discrimination when they see it or experience it. It is an effective means to promote empathy, tolerance and respect in the school community.
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