Curriculum: Key Stage 3

KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 7 Mandarin
Term 1Basic Knowledge of Mandarin   
Students will learn the expectations of the MEP program and Chinese lessons. They will also learn some basics of mandarin Chinese, including the concepts of Pinyin, tones, characters and radicals; greeting phrases and classroom commands.
Assessment: • Listening paper: identify tones and sounds; understand classroom commands and greeting phrases • Reading and Writing paper: read an unknown character and break them into radicals and strokes, write some characters with correct strokes. Key Words and Terms
Term 2Self-introduction   
Students will learn to ask about and say their name. Through learning the numbers 0 to 99, students will be able to say dates, their age and birthdays.
Assessment: • Reading paper: read and understand words and phrases in both Pinyin and character forms • Writing paper: write words and phrases (numbers, dates, age and birthdays) in characters Key Words and Terms
Term 3Family and home   
Students will learn vocabulary of family members and pets. They will use the new language with that was learned in Term 1 and 2 and introduce not only themselves, but also their family members and friends (name, age, birthday, family, preference of pets).
Assessment: • Speaking: introduce and talk about themselves, family and friendsKey Words and Terms
Term 4Hobbies  
Students will learn the vocabulary of hobbies and sports. They will use the new language with what they have learned previously to give a self-introduction with more details. They will learn the days of the week and introduce their routines.
Assessment: • Listening and Reading papers: to understand vocabulary and short sentences about hobbies.Key Words and Terms
Term 5Revision and Hurdle Tests   
Students will revise their learning from Year 7 and familiarise themselves with the style of the hurdle tests.
Assessment: • Hurdle-test practice tests: speaking, writing, reading and listening (reading and listening are online tests)Key Words and Terms
Term 6 Hurdle Tests & School   
Students will complete the hurdle tests, receive and respond to feedback. They will learn vocabulary of school subjects and expression of time in order to introduce their school timetable
Assessment: • Hurdle-test: students to take the Mandarin Excellence Programme hurdle tests, including speaking, writing, listening and reading (listening and reading tests are online tests)Key Words and Terms