Curriculum: Key Stage 3

KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 8 History
Term 1The Tudors - Henry VIII 
Students will look at the changes in the church and rule for the Tudors and Stuarts. They will understand why Henry changed the church and the impact of the reformation on the people and religious houses. They will look at the role of Wolsey and prepare for GCSE.
Assessment: Assessment based on the Henry VIII GCSE questions. Key Words and Terms
Term 2The Tudors   
Students will consider the Tudors after Henry, looking at Mary I and her impact on the religion of the country. There will be a focus on Elizabeth I, her choice of the middle way and how her reign is viewed as a Golden Age. the unit will end on James I and the Gunpowder Plot.
Assessment: GCSE - Write a narrative account on the Armada.Key Words and Terms
Term 3The Stuarts - English Civil War  
A study of the English Civil war, looking at why Parliament went to war with Charles I. Following this, students will consider key battles and why the New Model Army began to win. They will engage in an analysis of the trial and execution of Charles I, was the trial fair and why was Charles executed? Students finish the unit looking at Cromwell and the restoration of the throne with Charles II.
Assessment: GCSE question - How far do you agree why Parliament won the Civil War,Key Words and Terms
Term 4 and 5Slavery and Black Peoples of America   
Students will learn about slavery, what it was like, why it happened and what the consequences were. Students will begin to learn about the impact of slavery on 20th Century USA ending the unit with the beginning of the civil rights movement.
Assessment: GCSE question - How far do you agree on the Abolition of the Slave Trade.Key Words and Terms
Term 6The Industrial Revolution   
A study of the changes during the Industrial Revolution. Students will gain an understanding of the impact of population growth, the movement of people into towns and how affects conditions and forces change. Students look at life in a factory, coal mine and living conditions.
Assessment: End of Term assessment - GCSE style paperKey Words and Terms