Curriculum: Key Stage 3

KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 9 Mandarin
Term 1Shopping 
Students learn to talk about different types shopping using present continuous time frame. They will learn more connectives linking the topic into wider contexts.
Assessment: Reading and writing: To read a range of Mandarin texts of different lengths and to respond in English. Students will be asked to write characters in the writing assessment.Key Words and Terms
Term 2Travel in China  
To learn to talk about seasons and directions for when traveling. Students will also learn to use 过 - a grammar particle, to talk about experience.
Assessment: Listening and reading: students will listen to a range of sentences of different lengths in a speech or dialogue and respond in English. In reading, they will be asked to read a range of texts and answer questions in English. Key Words and Terms
Term 3My life   
Students revisit topics, characters and structures learnt in Year 8. They will be able to talk about various aspects about “My life”.
Assessment: Speaking assessment: students will be given a list of questions to prepare and the teacher will ask individual students questions. Key Words and Terms
Term 4School   
Students will be able to describe the school location and facilities and to talk about a typical school day, for example an exchange activity, an extra- curricular activity, interesting events happening in school. They will compare schools in different areas and countries.
Assessment: Reading and translation: students will read a range of texts in Mandarin and answer questions in English. They will be asked to translate a few sentences from English into Mandarin characters.Key Words and Terms
Term 5Leisure    
Students will learn to describe sports facilities in their area and what sports and extra-curricular activities they like. They will talk about activities they do when socialising with family, friends, and classmates.
Assessment: Listening and Speaking: students listen to a range of listening texts in Mandarin and answer questions in English. For speaking, students will be given a photo card with instructions. A few questions related to the photo will be asked and students are required to answer in Mandarin.Key Words and Terms
Term 6Revision and hurdle test   
Students revise previous learning, prepare for the MEP Hurdle tests and sit the exam.
Assessment: Hurdle Test: this test is in line with the MEP and the school assessment arrangements.Key Words and Terms