Curriculum: 6th Form

6th Form Curriculum Guide - Year 13 Spanish
Term 1La inmigración y la sociedad multicultural españolaLa dictadura franquista y la transición a la democracia   
La reacción pública y social a la inmigración: Unit 9 • Inmigration policies • Public opinion non immigration in Spain • The future impact of immigration on Spanish Society La Guerra Civil y el ascenso de Franco: Unit 10 • The reasons for Franco’s rise to power • Franco’s victory in the Civil War • How the Civil War caused social division La dictadura Franquista: Unit 11 • The living conditions of different groups during the Franco regime and the analysis of how they affected the Spanish people • The impact of restrictions and censorship during Franco’s dictatorship • The divisions in Spanish society during Franco’s dictatorship Grammar: The perfect, imperfect and pluperfect subjunctive/ past participle/ subordinating conjunctions/perfect tense/ conditional tenses/adverbs
Assessment: Assessments units 9,10 and 11: Reading, listening, speakingKey Words and Terms
Term 2Revision themes 1 & 2Review 2:La dictadura franquista y la transición a la democracia   
Research Project Review 2: Profundicemos en los temas 1 & 2: • The attitudes that Spanish have to gay marriage, homosexual people and their legal situation • Work culture and the attitude of the Spanish to work • The challenge facing the Spanish tourist industry moving forward • The impact of social networks in Latin America El paso de la dictadura a la democracia: unit 12 • Key moments of the transition to democracy • Adolfo Suarez • The circumstances surrounding the Spanish transition and the role of King Juan Carlos I • The impact of the transition of Spanish society and the evolution to society Grammar: indefinite adjectives and pronouns/word order/ Comparative and superlative constructions Time expressions. The passive voice Compound tenses Past participle Surprises, opinions and conclusions. Subordinate conjunctions. Conditional sentences (if..)
Assessment: Mock exam: Past paperKey Words and Terms
Term 3Revision of literary text / film studied at A level   
Revisiting: Volver • writing techinques • essay aspects Revisiting: La casa de los espíritus: • writing techinques • essay aspects Grammar: To complete all pending points from the A Level curriculum. Using translation to revisit them.
Assessment: To do Ziz Zag assessments 2 an 3: Reading and listeningKey Words and Terms
Term 4Revision of literary text / film studied at A level   
Revision of tema 3: La inmigración y la sociedad multicultural española. Focusing in the speaking exam. Revision de tema 2: La cultura en el mundo del habla española. Fousing in the speaking exam Grammar revision: aplicar las reglas del estilo indirecto. Diferenciar los distintos registros y reconocer cuando usarlos
Assessment: Key Words and Terms