Extra Curricular


Our school day ensures that there are plenty of opportunities for enrichment and additional activities. All students are expected to take part in extra-curricular activities after school and Sixth Form students are enabled to set up their own clubs and societies for themselves and for the benefit of younger students. We already have a wide and rich offer of music, sporting, expressive arts and academic clubs and societies, but new ideas are always welcome. It is an exciting time as the Sixth Form grows and we challenge students to be the first to initiate sports teams, bands, drama productions and the like in order to leave a lasting legacy.

There are different sports teams for Sixth Form students and they are expected to make a significant contribution in organising fixtures, managing training and even washing their kit! This is designed to prepare them for university life when they will need to actively contribute in these ways.

The same music clubs are available as in the Lower School and Sixth Formers are expected to assist the Music department in organising rehearsals and performances.

The Drama department welcomes Sixth Form students to existing extra-curricular clubs. Sixth Formers with acting and dancing skills are also integral to the success of school productions as they lead rehearsals, with other students using their skills to create costumes, design sets, form the house band and run backstage.

An important part of the extra-curricular offer is to provide opportunities for Sixth Form students to broaden their understanding of the world around them and develop their practical skills before leaving Becket Keys. Therefore, we have created a programme called ‘An Introduction to…’ so that students who do not take certain subjects can gain a knowledge of important aspects of society and improve their talents in areas they will need when leaving home. As well as other areas, Sixth Form students at Becket Keys can benefit from ‘An Introduction to…’:

  • economics
  • politics
  • computer science
  • Excel
  • DIY
  • cookery.