Vision and Values

We are creating an outstanding Church of England school in line with the original vision of the founders Mr Scott-Evans and Mr Gunn. They had a vision for our distinctive new school for Brentwood in 2010 and we opened in 2012. The school's mission is to "bear fruit - fruit that will last" (John 15v16). 

Act Responsibly and Respectfully

In line with the Gospel values central to the Christian Faith and our calling to "love one another" (John 15v17), we believe that everyone in our school should behave in a responsible and respectful manner with each other, with the school and as part of the wider community.

We model these Christian values to students in the way the school is run by being a responsible employer and consumer as well as being clear about how we support our local and global community.

Students participate in various community programmes and charity work to achieve these goals. 

Support all students to achieve their greatest academic potential

Becket Keys is committed to the highest possible academic standards through the delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum. We value and support the achievements and aspirations of every student, whatever their starting point, ability and potential. This is key to our ambition to "bear fruit" (John 15v16)

Importantly, we strive to see all our students excel in the core curriculum and Ebacc subjects. To this end we have identified that for students to excel in a modern foreign language they need to have 4 lessons per week and 4 hours of homework right from the start of Year 7. This intensive approach is seeing great success in students mastering the two languages that we teach: Mandarin and Spanish. 

Aim high in life and learning

We know how important it is for our students to thrive in all kinds of ways beyond academic achievement and to live life in all its fullness (John 10v10). 

Our school focuses on more than just exam results, encouraging self-esteem and respect for others, independence and responsibility, creative thinking and innovation, problem-solving and a passionate interest in the world around us.

This is demonstrated through our rich extra curricular offer and through things like our annual Festival of the Arts which links to our Patronal Festival each summer. 

Provide a special focus on music and sport

Our broad-based curriculum caters for all interests.  As there are currently no sport or music specialist schools in the Brentwood area, we feel that these subjects should be a particular focus. We appreciate the importance of participation in music and sport that parents have come to expect and many students thoroughly enjoy. All of our students, including those whose main interests lie outside the specialist subjects, benefit from the additional funding that our specialisms attract.

Provide a nurturing environment where staff know the students and their learning needs very well

With an intake of 150 our school is substantially smaller than most other secondary schools in Brentwood, and tutor groups are limited to 25 pupils per class. The students benefit because teachers are able to devote more time to them and their individual needs than they would be able to do in larger classes.

Our ambition is for every teacher to know every student in the whole school by name. 

Encourage parental engagement

Many local parents are very engaged with their children's primary school, both educationally and socially.  We know that schools can provide valuable social networks for families in our community, and we encourage continuation of that close involvement at secondary level. Our two founders were both primary school head teachers and they wanted to bring the ethos of primary parental engagement to the secondary school environment. Encouraging parental volunteers and an active PTA are just two ways that we do this. We have benefited from parents active support right from the start when the school was proposed. Now with nearly 800 applications for our 150 places each year, we are in a place where every parent specifically chooses Becket Keys. No one is here by accident. We have no catchment area so everyone here has specifically chosen to be here. The buy in that comes from this makes a tangible difference to our school. 

Be a resource for the local community

We envisage our school remaining open until late in the evening as a community learning hub, offering a range of clubs and courses for people of all ages and interests.