Attendance and Punctuality


If you need to report your son/daughter as absent, please use the StudyBugs app.

Attendance is the key to academic success as well as preparing a student for their lives beyond school and into their future careers.

Students enjoy their time at Becket Keys Church of England school for a variety of reasons, therefore overall attendance is outstanding.

We work hard with families to support their son/daughter’s attendance, especially on the rare occasion their attendance is low.

In supporting parents to understand how we manage attendance we have created “Attendance: A Guide for Parents”, which can be downloaded here. This booklet covers all areas of attendance from leave of absence requests to legal proceedings and includes our approach to teaching students about the importance of punctuality.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your son/daughter’s Head of Year.

If there are exceptional circumstances and you need to take your son/daughter out of school during term time then you must complete the Leave of Absence Form and return it to the school one month before the required leave.