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    Faith in Learning - every student known by name

Welcome to Becket Keys

Becket Keys Church of England School aims to provide all our students with an outstanding Christian education that enables them to "bear fruit - fruit that will last" (John 15v16). Our aspirational approach mirrors that of the independent school sector - a strong focus on the curriculum (particularly the Ebacc subjects), adherence to traditional Christian values and engagement in enriching extra-curricular activity. This approach opens doors and opportunities that would normally be reserved for the privileged who can afford a privately funded education

We value trusted expert advice from those around us especially our sponsors the Russell Education Trust, we respectfully look at what others do to glean the best from the best.

Our aim, is for every teacher to know every student by name. Students expect to be known and cared for, to have their individual needs met and individual potential realised. 

Above all, we want to follow Jesus' commandments to love God and our neighbours. If in doubt: love.

Our motto is 'Faith in Learning'. This means we put our faith in learning and in the opportunities it can create in our students' lives. We also put faith in learning - we bring Christian faith into the learning experience. As Lord Runcie said, "Church schools should nourish those of the faith, encourage those of other faiths and challenge those of no faith."

At Becket Keys:

Our students:

  • Act responsibly and respectfully
  • Aim high in life and learning
  • Engage with and contribute to the local community

Our staff:

  • Support all students to achieve their greatest academic potential
  • Provide a nurturing environment where students and their individual learning needs are known by all
  • Encourage parental engagement

Our parents:

  • Support the school in issues of conduct and character
  • Engage with the school regarding progress and attainment
  • Ensure students are equipped with uniform and stationery

Through Character Education, we place a strong emphasis on all members of our community living in line with the traditional Christian values of respect, responsibility and forgiveness. We aim to be caring, fair, honest and trustworthy in all we do. Students are known to conduct themselves exceptionally well in and out of our school. 

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