Bridging Activities


All students who start with us in September are required to have completed the Bridging Activities for each of their chosen subjects before the first day of Year 12. These are compulsory and have several purposes:

  •  to keep students' minds active over the long summer
  • to enthuse students about the subjects they have freedom of choice over
  • to enrich students' learning beyond the curriculum
  • to develop independent learning skills
  • to support students in confirming that they have chosen the correct subjects. 

The activities for each subject take about 10 hours to complete.

It is recommended that some time is spent looking at these before the end of the academic year. The reason for this is that students can then contact the relevant Head of Department if anything is unclear. This will not be possible over the summer. Students can email the relevant teacher via - if external students do not know this teacher's name, they can just write 'To the Head of XXXX' and the email will be forwarded on. 

Students are expected to complete these for all subjects they take, even if this includes a subject they only decide to take on GCSE results day.

Students will be graded on the effort they put into these, as well as the ability they show.