English as an Additional Language


A student does not have a learning difficulty solely because the language of their home is different to the language in which they will be taught. Students with identified EAL needs will have their individual needs evaluated and met in exactly the same way as every other individual in the cohort.

Depending on the level of need students may have access to specialist EAL support from qualified teachers or from learning support technicians who have received appropriate training and support. More advanced learners of English will have continuing support in line with their varying needs as they develop competencies over time.

We recognise that features of good EAL practice include:

  • providing specialist teaching support for newer arrivals
  • providing continuing support for more advanced learners
  • monitoring EAL attainment and progress,
  • assessing learners’ proficiency and literacy in their first language and establishing what prior subject knowledge and experience they have in other subjects
  • providing regular training for all staff on the needs of EAL learners