We continue to work with Essex County Council and the Chelmsford Diocesan Board of Education to ensure that Becket Keys makes a positive contribution to their existing family of schools.

We believe that schools should be at the heart of the community.  We would like our school to be a ‘learning hub’, remaining open until late in the evening to offer a broad range of clubs and courses for people of all ages. 

We aim to be a first choice community school not just for parents and students, but also for those who work with us, including future staff, suppliers and external partners.

We encourage our students and staff to be involved in a range of community-based activities as an integral part of their education at the new school.   In order to make this as successful as possible, we work with the local authority and our community partners to identify real community needs that we can support, and which develop the skills of our staff and students.

We engage with the community through student participation, for example through the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme, our own Head Teacher’s Challenge and embedded community service as part of the curriculum itself so that we develop well-organised and fruitful relationships with local groups.

Right from the start, Year 7 students will actively participate in our student council.

In line with our vision for a community school, we also seek to recruit locally and to use local suppliers where at all possible.