Key Dates for September 2024 Entry


SIXTH FORM OPEN EVENT - Thursday 19th October 4:30pm - 8:00pm.

Many thanks to those who attended the above event. We would now like to get to know the external students better and assist them with their subjects choices and so are inviting them to a Consultation Evening on Monday 6th November. Kindly book your place by following the link below.

APPLICATION CONSULTATIONS - Monday 6th November (after the school day) 

We enjoyed meeting all the students who are interested in attending Becket Keys and it was exciting to hear the plans for the future from these young people. The next event is Sixth Former for a Day which is being held after the Christmas break.

SIXTH FORMER FOR A DAY - Tuesday 16th January 2024. Places are now available to book! Follow the link and book as soon as you can as places are limited!

Book your place at Sixth Former for a Day here:

CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS - Friday 9th February 2023.

SIXTH FORM INTERVIEWS - Various dates from Tuesday 27th February (internal students during school day; external students after school day).

SIXTH FORM PLACE OFFERS - These will be sent once all interviews have been completed; this will be by the end of May.

SIXTH FORM BRIDGING EVENT - Monday 24th June and Tuesday 25th June 2024 (both days are compulsory for all students who wish to attend the Sixth Form).

ADMISSIONS - These will take place on the same day as GCSE results day; a second round of admissions will happen the next day if there are places available.

*Any late entries received after Friday 9th February will be placed on a reserve list and will only be considered after the initial entries have been awarded places.