E Safety


Safe Internet Use

People use the internet every day for a variety of things. It is a wonderful invention and a great educational resource. One of the most common uses of the internet is to contact friends and communicate with each other. At Becket Keys Church of England School we pride ourselves on being respectful towards others and we have a few golden rules about using the internet safely and responsibly:

  • If you’re posting online, stop and think about a teacher, your mum, dad or carer reading it. If that would feel uncomfortable or embarrassing don’t post it!
  • If you’re posting online, stop and think how you would feel if that post was written about you. If that feels uncomfortable or embarrassing don’t post it!
  • Make sure your pages are secure. Use the privacy settings so that only friends you trust and family can see your pages.
  • Don’t ask people you don’t know to be your friend.
  • Remember that your personal information and posts can be accessed through the pages of your friends.
  • Use a nickname rather than your real name on more open sites like Twitter.
  • Make sure you have a really secure password that includes letters, CAPITALS and numb3r5.
  • Never share personal information, like your phone number or address.
  • Be careful what videos and photos you upload. Once they’re online other people can view them and download them.
  • Your digital footprint will last forever.

The student code of conduct states that at Becket Keys Church of England we “expect behaviour that supports learning and creates a caring environment where we feel safe, secure and supported.”

This applies online as well as in school so if you are using the internet in a way that has a negative impact on a student (e.g. cyberbullying) or brings the school into disrepute then there will be consequences potentially you could even be excluded.

If you are concerned about something on the internet then report it to CEOP.

For additional information check out: http://www.thinkyouknow.co.uk