Life After Sixth Form


It is very important to us that our students are planning for their future and we have many ways of supporting them in fulfilling their ambitions, be that a place at university, a job or an apprenticeship. Whatever the preference, each student deserves individual advice and guidance to help him or her make the correct decision for the next step.

Support is provided through the expertise of the pastoral team, who spend time with all students individually at various points over the two years, the provision of various publications that all students are given and the organisation of different trips. A range of websites are used, including UCAS, the National Apprenticeship website and Unifrog. We also have regular speakers in assemblies who talk about the different opportunities available to students and speakers are also booked to support parents who attend talks in the evenings.

The Year 12 Higher Education (HE) evening helps to explain the university application process and the school runs visits to universities and career fairs. We also advise students who wish to take a Gap Year and invite speakers from various Christian and charitable organisations in to speak about the fantastic opportunities available around the world.


We are very proud of the support the Russell Education Trust (RET) schools give to students when applying to university. A large portion of tutor time is devoted to applying to university and we provide various documents to guide the way, including a personal statement guide and a help booklet for completing the online application form.

Guidance about the university application process, writing the personal statement, researching courses and universities and finance are given throughout the Sixth Form tutorial programme and, specifically, on the HE evening and linked visit to a university to learn from the admissions team there. Outside speakers and university representatives also attend the HE evening.

All Sixth Form students are given access to the Unifrog website: a detailed online tool to support students in searching for the best university course for them as well as helping students find apprenticeships if that is their preferred option. Check it out here.

We recommend families who are considering university watch the videos here to learn more about student finance issues:

Martin Lewis Student Loans Decoded Part 1 - How much does it cost to go to university?

Martin Lewis Student Loans Decoded Part 2 - How much are parents expected to contribute?

Martin Lewis Student Loans Decoded Part 3 - How are student loans paid back?

Martin Lewis Student Loans Decoded Part 4 - How does interest on student loans work?

Martin Lewis Student Loans Decoded Part 5 - Q&A with Martin Lewis


Apprenticeships are becoming more popular and we have seen a big increase in the number of apprenticeships on offer. For those students who would like to continue their learning and earn money at the same time, an apprenticeship is ideal. We regularly invite colleagues from The Apprenticeship Hub into school and help a number of students to explore this opportunity each year. We also work with a variety of organisations that provide mentoring for individuals, such as Pathways and QA Apprenticeships.


If a student’s preference is to gain employment once they have completed Sixth Form, we provide plenty of support and guidance to help find the right job for them.

We provide individual support with searching for job vacancies, writing the winning CV, completing job applications and preparing for interviews – including by having employers come in and perform mock interviews with students.


We also provide help through:

  • Our 'Next Steps' event in May
  • Trips, for example Skills Events
  • Links with employers
  • Assemblies
  • 'Work Shadowing Day(s)' in Year 12
  • 'Looking for a Job' booklet

UCAS The place to go to find courses at university

Course Findr Find your perfect course

University Guide University rankings and other useful information

HEAP Another useful guide for university life

Finance Advice on managing your money

Loans the place to go to apply for funding

Cooking You need to eat!

Unifrog - See above


Apprenticeships The National Apprentice website

REED A database of jobs and apprenticeships

Unifrog Careers and guidance

Not going to university Advice for those not intending to go to university