Governance: School Trust

Free schools, like Academies, are governed by a not-for-profit trust, in this case the RET Becket Keys CofE Free School Trust. The RET Becket Keys CofE Free School Trust is a sub-trust of RET. The Trust members appoint Directors to govern the school. This group of directors operates in very much the same way as a maintained school governing body and take responsibility for the strategic leadership, management and accountability of the school. The school's Headteacher and senior leadership team report to them and their sub-committees on a termly basis. The majority of the trust are practising communicant Christians.  

More information about the Governance structure can be found in the Becket Keys School Governing Body Standing Orders and the RET Scheme of Delegation.

Governor Designation


Date stepped down (where applicable)
Andy Scott-Evans Headteacher    
Iain Gunn Appointee of The Anglican Primary School Trust  Vice-Chair  
Father Paul Hamilton Bishop’s Appointee    
Father Mark North Bishop’s Appointee    
Bishop John Bishop's Appointee    
Karen Lynch RET Appointee    
Jenny Downs RET local parent Appointee  Chair  
Christine Savage RET local parent Appointee    
David Brook Elected parent    
Fiona Benson Elected parent    
Pauline Davidson RET local parent Appointee   March 2019
Amelia Mauger Elected parent   July 2019
John Chambers RET Appointee   July 2019
Adam Pope RET local parent Appointee   July 2019

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