Mobile Device Permission

We recognise that mobile devices are part of modern everyday society and that many parents like their son/daughter to carry a phone for safety reasons and/or ease of contact. However, we are also aware that these items can be disruptive to learning and the smooth running of the school.  We, therefore, wish to ensure that mobile devices are not used in a negative way.

The school permits these items to be brought to school provided that the student and parent agree to uphold the rules below. Students are responsible for the safe-keeping of their mobile devices in school unless this is handed in to a member of staff. Our advice is to always have a good, impact resistant case and to only have the device out when it is securely protected, for example when sitting down, out of the way and not in a group. For devices of a higher value, we would recommend that parents purchase insurance as the devices are easy to drop at any time, including outside of school.

Mobile Device Requirements for Years 7 to 11

  • Mobile Devices must be switched off and hidden from view at all times during the school day until 3:10pm (except when they are used under supervision).
  • Phones and devices must NEVER be used to make or receive phone calls, or use text or messaging facilities, at any time during the school day (before 3:10pm); this includes break and lunchtime. If parents wish to contact their son/daughter as a matter of urgency, they should telephone the school and a member of the office staff will ensure the message is passed on.
  • Mobile devices must NEVER be used in lessons or during lesson changeover, without the express permission of a member of staff. Headphones must be put away at the start of the school day.
  • Mobile devices must not be used to take pictures or videos at any time when in school or on a school activity.
  • The contents of mobile devices must be suitable for viewing at school; there must be nothing on them that students would be embarrassed for staff in the school to see.  Bringing a mobile device to school means accepting that staff may ask to see contents should there be any concerns.
  • Mobile devices must NEVER be used for any act of unkindness.
  • If a member of staff asks for a mobile device because it is used inappropriately, it must be handed over immediately and without argument.

Parents are asked to agree to these simple rules on their son/daughter's enrolment form. Where agreement is not given we will assume that a mobile devices will not be brought in to school.

Failure to comply with these simple rules will result in the mobile device being confiscated until the end of the school day.  The head of year will decide what further actions are needed to ensure there is no repeat.