Sex and Relationships Education

Years 10-13


RSE continues to build on the subjects covered in earlier years, we focus on making positive and healthy lifestyle choices and on improving personal health and emotional wellbeing. Students are given information on access to services and where to go for confidential advice. We invite external organisation, such as the Terrence Higgins Trust, in for in-depth assemblies and workshops.

Year 10

Students revisit relationships with others but go into greater depth about domestic violence and sexual orientation. There is also an emphasis on healthy relationships, sexual feelings, self-respect and safe sex. Students cover issues relating to the use of the internet, including pornography. The relationship between drugs, alcohol and risk taking behaviour is explored. The rights of the child and the law is discussed with a focus on age of consent and FGM.

RSE Topics: Relationships; Self-esteem/respect; E-Safety; Pornography; Safe Sex; HIV/AIDS; Pregnancy; GLBTQ; FGM.

Year 11

During the year, students will continue to revisit relationships in particular sexual ones. There will be teaching about STIs following from safe sex the previous year. Students will discuss the difficulties of parenting and when the right time is to have children. Medical ethics will be taught to include abortion, euthanasia, designer babies and animal testing. Students will receive guidance on how to access sexual health and support services including overcoming possible barriers to access.

RSE Topics: Relationships; Self-esteem/respect; Parenting; STI’s; Abortion; Forced Marriage.

Year 12

In their first year in the Sixth Form students at Becket Keys will be taught PSHE sessions through tutor time and assemblies. Continuing on from work completed during KS4 the students will examine the reality of certain topics. Terrence Higgins will be called upon to deliver assemblies on Sexually Transmitted Infection. Including mobile Chlamydia testing. They will also run sessions on HIV and Aids. Speakers who work for local charities will also be invited in to speak to the students on areas such as consent, domestic abuse. Stonewall will also be in to provide information & support for GLBTQ. The role of alcohol and drugs in making the correct decisions will also be covered through external agencies.

RSE Topics: Relationships; Self-esteem/respect; Safe Sex; HIV/AIDS, Drugs and Alcohol (making choices)

Year 13

The year 13 is impacted upon by due to the completion of personal statements, UCAS applications CV’s and Apprenticeship applications. However the areas from year 12 will be revisited. The impact of turning 18 will be a focus. Arranged marriage will also be re-introduced as this issue becomes more prevalent at 18 for students from certain ethnic groups. Student will be informed about life at university linking the additional freedom with increased responsibility.

RSE Topics: Relationships; Self-esteem/respect; Safe Sex; HIV/AIDS, Drugs and Alcohol (making choices), arranged marriages.

Useful resources for students and parents:

  • Advice and information for over 14s and their parents on sex, relationships and development -
  • Family Planning Association: Advice on contraception and access to services -
  • Free and confidential advice from the UKs leading sexual health charity -