Prospective Families


Admissions September 2022

Welcome to Becket Keys Church of England School. This page is for families thinking about starting with us at Becket Keys in September 2022.

Families with children in younger years may wish to take the opportunity to have a vitual look around as well. You are very welcome!

As we cannot have a full Open Event we have a number of videos here and we also endeavour to answer all of your questions. If you have a question, please email us on and we will answer it here (below) if it is a general query that other families would benefit from. Alternatively, if it is a personal question for you we will reply directly to you.

First of all, a welcome from our Head Teacher and founder, Mr Scott-Evans...

Our school's aim is to be outstanding. Everything we do is driving towards this. We have four distinctive strategies which Mr Scott-Evans briefly explains in these four short videos.

Firstly: To be a Church of England School

Secondly: To have an independent school feel

Thirdly: To have an expert trust involved

Fourthly: To know every student by name

Click here for our virtual open evening where you can visit different departments and meet some of our teachers.

Here is Mr Scott-Evans talking about admissions:

Thank you to all those who attended the virtual Question & Answer Sessions with our Senior Leaders.

If you have specific questions individual to your family circumstances, please email General questions can be sent to

Here are some students talking about their experiences at Becket Keys:


"Please can you tell us about your exam results?"

There are no exam results that are being published for schools this year. Due to the Coronavirus, no exams were sat and there has been a national agreement not to use or publish any data from the process that schools went through with Ofqual in awarded results. However, regardless of that, the best place to look at historical exam data for schools is here: Here you will find standardised data from every school that you will be considering.